PHOTOS – Jessica Chastain celebrates her 47th birthday: A look at her hairstyle evolution

She can be recognized from a distance by her long, fiery hair and her timeless lacquered waves. As yet, Hollywood’s most favorite actress The actress, who celebrates her 47th birthday this Sunday, March 24, hasn’t always been very comfortable with her natural color.

If she is known with long Venice red hair Brad Pitt tree of Life terence malick (2011), it turns dark brown The disappearance of Eleanor Rigby in 2013. Because of her natural beauty, she immediately caught the eye of Yves Saint Laurent becomes an inspiration The fragrance of the manifesto of the House. In the brand’s advertising campaign, he has purple paint dripping from his hands which contrasts with his beautiful red mane,

Nine years later, she surprised her fans with a new color out of the ordinary: a polar blonde that leans towards white in the film mother’s instinct By Olivier Masset-Depasse. Red or blonde, short or tall, the American beauty knows how to switch up styles with grace.

⋙ PHOTOS – Jessica Chastain’s hair growth

Jessica Chastain and her side-hair at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012
©Dominic Jakovides/BestImageJessica Chastain and her side-hair at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012

, I dreamed of being blonde like a real Californian » She announces in the column of Madame Figaro.

Particularly fashionable this year 2023, red has not always won all the votes. In an interview given to madame figaroDeclared redhead with porcelain complexion , When I was young, I hated my hair color because I was made fun of a lot in school. I dreamed of being blonde like a real Californian”, But today, one of the most beautiful women in the world, like other stars, fully embraces her red hair julian moore Or Isabelle Huppert, audrey flerot Or mylene farmer Which is a symbol of the beauty trend of this time.

Queen of glamour, she enjoys different orange shades: the Venetian which is the lightest (Venice Mostra in 2011), the carrot red (Christian Dior Haute-Couture 2021/2022 Fashion Show) and finally the flamboyant red which (Venice Mostra in 2021). Take a look at the evolution of her hairstyle in pictures.

⋙ PHOTOS – Jessica Chastain’s hair growth

Photo Credit: BEST_IMAGE

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