Photos – Natalie Portman, Julian Dore, Brad Pitt… these stars who do not eat meat

Vegetarian, vegan… many celebrities have made the decision to not consume meat or any other animal product. A diet that they decided to adopt for environmental reasons, health reasons or because of their love for animals. While International Meatless Day is celebrated this Wednesday, March 20, here’s a look at the stars who have decided not to eat meat.

Natalie Portman decided to become a vegetarian after being a vegetarian from a young age. If she has decided to adopt this diet, it is mainly because of her commitment to animal welfare and the environment, like Joaquin Phoenix. A passionate defender of animal rights and environmental protection, he has been a vegetarian since the age of three. Brigitte Bardot has also been working for animal welfare for a long time.

⋙ Photos – Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Julian Dore… these stars who do not eat meat

For love of animals or for health reasons

Others have decided not to eat meat out of love for animals, such as Ariana Grande announcing on X (formerly Twitter) that she loves animals more than most people. For her part, Jessica Chastain explained that she didn’t want to overdo anything. Peter Binklage, a vegetarian since the age of 16, is known for playing game of Thronesbecame “For the love of animals, but also for a girl”he explained in redditSpecifying: “Any kind of violence against animals disturbs me.” Some people never felt the need to eat meat, such as Ariel Dombasley, who explained that “Swallowing cells affected by pain and fear” made him “Horror”. Just like Aymeric Caron, who indicated that, since the age of 10, he was uncomfortable with the idea of ​​eating meat. Ultimately, others claimed that their health was better after stopping eating meat, such as Olivia Wilde who reported that she “a thousand times more energetic,

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