Pilot heard “screams for help” from the hold and made emergency landing (video)


A flight full of passengers was immediately diverted after the crew thought they heard screams for help coming from the cargo hold.

By: Clarins

Pegasus Airlines flight PC690 between Istanbul, Turkey and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, carrying passengers originating their journey in the United Kingdom, was immediately diverted to Antalya an hour after takeoff.

A passenger said cabin crew were in the middle of meal service when news of the disturbance came in, the Daily Star reported.

One concerned passenger asked to lie down on the flight due to the stress caused by the situation.

to clear the plane of luggage

As soon as the plane landed in Antalya, ground staff rushed to the plane to open the luggage compartment and unload each piece of luggage, while the passengers remained seated on the plane.

But despite the crew’s suspicions no one was caught and an announcement was made in the cabin that they would continue their journey in due time, indicates the Daily Star.

Speaking to the Daily Star while on the ground in Antalya, the passenger said: “The cabin crew just checked the luggage area and apparently there was nothing there.

“Twenty minutes before that, we were told that the pilot had heard a bang in the baggage hold and he thought it was a human being, a worker, who was trapped.

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