Pistachios, the nut you should include in your diet if you have prediabetes or high cholesterol

crazy They provide essential nutrients such as fiber and potassium, as well as a wide range of phytochemicals that have been linked to health promotion and antioxidant capacity. According to various studies, one of the most beneficial is pistachioDried fruits with high content of lutein, beta-carotene and gamma-tocopherol.

Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A and gamma-tocopherol is a normal form of vitamin E. Lutein is found in dark green leafy vegetables and is important for vision and healthy skin.

For example, an international team of nutrition scientists concluded that consuming it as part of a healthy diet could increase levels of Antioxidant In the blood of adults with high cholesterol.

A more recent study was published by Rivera i Virgili University diabetes care It is claimed that regular consumption of pistachios is beneficial prediabetes Since it can reduce glucose and insulin levels and thus promote a healthy metabolic profile in prediabetic subjects.

risk of prediabetes

prediabetes This is a serious condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. People with prediabetes have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. If we make some changes in our lifestyle, it is possible to prevent prediabetes from turning into type 2 diabetes or delay its onset.

In this sense, the reports received from the clinical trials conducted by Dr. Monica Bull And his team at Rovira i Virgili University (URV) suggest that including pistachios in a varied and balanced diet is a safe nutrition strategy that can help overcome the risks associated with prediabetes.

Researchers reported that prediabetic participants who followed the pistachio diet saw a significant reduction in sugar and insulin levels in fasting blood, and beneficial effects on HOMA-IR, a marker of prediabetes.

high cholesterol

In relation to cholesterol reactivity, the concentration of small cholesterol particles LDL cholesterol reduced significantly in the group that followed the diet with pistachios. A greater number of small, dense LDL particles is associated with a three- to sevenfold increase in the risk of coronary heart disease, regardless of LDL cholesterol concentration. This information is very relevant because people with prediabetes are more likely to develop diabetes within 10 years and may also have a heart attack or stroke.

Participants who did not follow the pistachio diet experienced significant increases in fasting blood sugar and insulin levels and HOMA-IR markers; And there was no change in the symptoms of inflammation. There was also no change in particle size during the study.

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