‘Pocho’ Guzman: Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez is already training with the team

The Chivas midfielder said that he was looking forward to sharing the field with ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, as he considers him a reference for the team.

in front of chivas javier ,Chicharito, hernandez Having made progress in his recovery from torn ligaments, he is already training the team’s squad, with Flock’s captain commenting, Victor Guzman,

“He is training equally with us. He even puts in extra work to get there as quickly as possible,” commented the captain of Shivaj, Victor Guzman About this javier hernandez,

Victor Guzman wait for the return of javier hernandez: “We still don’t have the good fortune to be able to play. He is an excellent teammate and a person who contributes a lot, he is an example to follow and a reference” said the offensive man from Guadalajara.

On the other hand, the scorer of Shivaj Gave his opinion on the methodology being implemented by the flock technician, Fernando GagoConsidering that the Argentine is promoting an increase in level in the red and white squad.

“Everything has been very positive, in work, in discipline, in everything. Fernando Gago And he put things in, all this helps the team raise its level” said the midfielder. Victor Guzman,

Shivaj Will return to official activity on the following Saturday, the day he receives cougar At Akron Stadium.

the herd fell first Necaxa Due to the minimum difference in the double date of the Clausura 2024, it fell to the ninth stage with twelve units.

Isaac Brizuela wants more time at Chivas despite being benched

red and white offensive isaac brizuela He regrets being a substitute in the Clausura 2024. He admits that he is enjoying the moment and hopes to be in it for many more years. Shivaj,

“We have reached a good level, although I have not been able to start, the demands we have with the starters mean we have a good level. I have to stay on the bench now and I try to enjoy as best I can. I try to enjoy, I don’t know if these are my last years, I hope I have a lot more left in me” he commented isaac brizuela To espn Regarding his current position with the herd.

Isaac ‘El Con’ Brizuela has added five minutes so far in the Clausura 2024.

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