Poisonous cat in Japan. What was the accident like and why is it dangerous?

A Cat He fell into a tank with chemicals and managed to escape, causing an alert in the city of Fukuyama near Hiroshima, Japan.

Cameras at the Nomura Plating Factory recorded this Cat running away after leaving tank with chemicals Leaving a mark with toxic residue.

Security camera recordings released by the company show Cat The fugitive is running away from the factory, apparently unharmed.

A worker found footprints Cat brown, which came from a container chemicals toxic.

This substance has very harmful health effects when exposed to it without prior treatment and chronic inhalation can cause lung or throat cancer and in the short term it can cause irritation in the respiratory tract, allergy symptoms and sores in the nose. can cause.

officials of Japan He issued orders not to approach or touch a missing cat that had fallen into a tank of chemicals.

poisonous cat in japan

Chromium was in a three meter deep tank hexavalentWhich is carcinogenic and can cause inflammation in the skin.

“We immediately alerted the police, the city fukuyama And to the close neighbors of our factory,” a representative of the company told AFP, without giving his name.

“This incident awakened us to the need to take measures to prevent small animals such as cat’sSomething we had never expected before,” he said.

As of this Friday, there had been no reports of sightings of the animal. However, the cat is believed to be dead, but the body has not been located.

officers of Japan They call on citizens to be alert to any cats behaving strangely.


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