Pokémon Presents may have leaked its first announcement, and it would be a dream come true

There is a detail hidden in the Pokémon Presents announcement that hints at a possible announcement. Are “Those” Remakes Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Today, The Pokemon Company announced pokemon presents Which will be aired on the occasion of the next Pokemon Day 27 February, The company has given the first information about this event, but it may be that by mistake it has revealed the announcement of one of its games. It seems that, after many years, remake of pokemon gold and silver for switch This could be a reality.

The main clue has been left out from the announcement of the presentation itself. The company through its official YouTube channels Published a short revealing the date and time of the impending Pokémon Presents, Nothing far from normal if it were not for the fact that, upon observing the description of said video, it appears that connected to sports pokemon gold and silver,

pokemon presents leaked

this could be a mistake, When this type of content is published, YouTube allows you to assign a game to facilitate its location when searching for videos in its search engine. It would have been understandable if the company had linked this video. pokemon red and blueassume that Pokémon Day commemorates the launch of the first generation games, In fact, the song that plays in this ad matches the credits of said game.

However, they have chosen the second generation, which is one of the most favorite among players and which is already for many the best Pokémon remake in history. It may have been a clue or a mistake, but Pokémon Presents has already lit the fuse for the title fans have been dreaming of for years. Will we have remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver on Nintendo Switch? Below you can watch the video of the dispute:


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