Ticket prices are still crazy to see the soccer star at his season debut

(CNN)- Lionel Messi’s debut in his first full Major League Soccer (MLS) season may not have fans paying the extravagant prices seen last year for his first game with Inter Miami, but it shows that his eventful pre- Messimania has not subsided regardless of the season.

According to TickPick, the average buy-in price for Wednesday night’s MLS season opener between Miami and Salt Lake is nearly $185, which is 585% more expensive than Inter Miami’s home opener last year (against Montreal without Messi). When tickets cost around US$27.

The cheapest tickets for this year’s home opener are $95 per seat. That’s 1,257% more expensive than the cheapest price, or “admission” price, of last season’s home premiere, when it cost $7 per seat.

Prices are high on the secondary market for the remainder of Inter Miami’s season, with tickets being 70% more expensive than last year. According to TickPick, seats cost an average of $167, up from $99 last season.

Brett Goldberg, co, told CNN, “Given that he joined Inter Miami at the end of last season, we expect Messinia to still be at full strength to start the season, but as We will go ahead with the schedule and prices should return to normal.” -CEO of TickPick.

Messi’s entry into MLS is also increasing prices for other teams in the league: according to TickPick, the average price of a match this season is US$164, which is 124% more expensive than US$73 per seat in 2023. Is.

For another secondary ticketing website, StubHub, MLS sales have increased sevenfold compared to last year, and all 29 MLS teams have seen an increase in sales this year, indicating that Messi is attracting more fans to the league. Is doing what is behind for a long time. The likes of MLB and the NHL in popularity.

Notably, Inter Miami’s sales are 150 times higher than at the start of last season and they are the most sought-after team in MLS, with Los Angeles Galaxy in second and New England Revolution in third.

“The increase in sales for Inter Miami and the entire league is a testament to his legacy as a soccer star,” StubHub spokesman Adam Budel told CNN. “Messi’s influence extends beyond the confines of his stadium, driving demand on the street from buyers around the world and especially his home country, Argentina.”

Tickets sold on StubHub this year came from buyers from 44 countries, nine more than at the start of last season. Argentines have the second largest number of buyers after Americans.

Macy’s redesigned shirts also remain popular, although they haven’t sold as much as last year. Soccer.com merchandising director Billy Lalor told CNN that sales are “strong because we’re seeing a high level of interest around it”, and the retailer expects its new kit to be “our best-seller for 2024.” Will be one of the things”. ,

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