Porcine xenotransplantation for the present and future of medicine.

within the framework of Future Congress 2024, Muhammad M. Mohiuddinpioneer in the field of Full Professor of Xenotransplantation and Surgery at the University of MarylandEnthralled the audience by sharing the preview Important in xenotransplantationshedding light on This is not just the future, but also the present.

main cause According to Mohiuddin, the reason for promoting research in xenotransplantation is the increasing demand for organs for transplantation.A need that human charity cannot fully satisfy due to stringent criteria. The speaker highlighted the shortage of organs, even though all the listeners became donors.Underscoring the importance of exploring other options.

Mohiuddin told that Xenotransplantation involves “the transplantation of tissues from animals to humans or between animals”., Although the practice is not new, the professor traces its origins to the sixties, Referring to previous experiments, such as transplanting part of a dog’s skull into a man, Despite his ability, “Ethical obstacles faced.”

The speaker highlighted the priority of use “Porcine, rather than primate, such as chimpanzees have organs because of their rapid growth rates and anatomical and physiological similarity to human organs.”, Furthermore, he pointed to the ability to genetically manipulate pigs to make them more compatible with humans.

Mohiuddin shared Experience of the first patients to receive pig heart xenotransplantsDespite the brevity of his survival, it highlights the appreciation of each additional day of life. The speaker emphasized that this is the beginning of a “revolution in medicine.”The first results were compared to earlier human-to-human transplants, which were also limited in duration.

The professor expressed his continued commitment to the project and expressed confidence that xenotransplantation will become routine practice in the near future. He concluded his presentation with a touch of humor, challenging the old adage “Pigs fly”, stating this, in reference to xenotransplantationPigs can literally “fly” and provide new hope to people who need organs.

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