Potential alliance between Apple and Google on artificial intelligence sends Wall Street technology stocks soaring

3D printed Google logo has been installed on Apple’s MacBook. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik/Illustration/File)

The news is that Manzana talks to GoogleOf AlphabetTo integrate artificial intelligence engine Gemini In this iPhoneShares of technology companies surged in wall Street this Monday.

What is the conversation between the two giants about Gemini Licensing As for some new features coming to iPhone software this year, reported bloombergnewsCiting people familiar with the situation.

The report also states The terms and branding of the AI ​​agreement and how it will be implemented have not been decided.

Amidst excitement over a possible agreement, shares of Alphabet grew 7.1% at 1500 GMT, while Apple gained 2.8%, composite index NasdaqWhere the main technology companies are listed, Advanced A 1.56%.

still, Deal unlikely to be announced before JuneWhen Apple plans to hold its annual developers conference.

The sources leave open the possibility that The companies ultimately fail to reach an agreement. Or that Apple chooses another generic AI provider, such as OpenAIWith whom he had a conversation recently.

Apple, Alphabet-owned Google and OpenAI did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In the image, the Google logo. efe/epa/roman pilippe/file

There can be an agreement between the companies Help Google expand the use of its AI services to more than 2 billion active Apple devicesWho Search giants’ efforts to catch up with OpenAI will get a boostSupported by Microsoft,

Apple is preparing new capabilities for this ios 18The next version of the iPhone operating system, which is based on its own artificial intelligence model.

Over the years, companies have maintained Partnership to make Google the default search engine for the Safari web browser The partnership with Apple, and genAI, could help the Alphabet unit address fears that services like ChatGPT could threaten its search dominance.

still, The deal may also face greater scrutiny from US regulators.Which has sued Google on the grounds that it illegally stifled competition by paying billions of dollars to Apple to maintain its search monopoly.

(With information from Reuters and EFE)

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