Powerball: $2,000,000 prize sold in NY; Raised over $400 million

After there was no winner in the Powerball drawing on Monday, February 26, The total sum of this popular lottery reached 412 million dollars For last night’s draw.

However, it was not all bad news, as a p A reward of $2,000,000 was sold in New York.

The winning numbers of the draw held on 26th February were 24, 29, 42, 51, 54 and Powerball was 16.

Second prize of the drawing was sold in Queens.

According to the New York Lottery, the ticket was purchased at a grocery store. Lucky Huang is located at 8261 Broadway StreetIn the Elmhurst area.

Apart from that award, two more There was a $150,000 sale in The Big Apple.

Experts recommend collecting rewards in installments

Financial advisor William Romero said that Most people who choose to receive raffle prizes at a single performance Their financial condition deteriorates in less than five years.

“Statistically Choose 90 percent advance payment (in a single payment), Unfortunately, 70 percent of people who choose this method go bankrupt within 3 to 5 years,” he said.

The psychological impact it has on people When receiving large amounts of money at once, luxury spending, apart from the pressure of the immediate environment, there are certain factors that intervene so that the prize becomes a ‘nightmare’.

Romero made this comment By choosing deferred payment of rewards, people get the opportunity to plan their expenses better.

“By choosing to pay yourself annually it gives you the opportunity to be the first Reduce your taxes annually at the federal level and state level, Because someone will have to pay less. Also, what if the payments last for your lifetime? If you spent this year’s check, you’ll get another one next year, and another one the year after, and so on.

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Left to right: Alvin Ailey; Cynthia Gregory of American Ballet Theatre; and Arthur Mitchell of Harlem Dance Theatre. This photo was taken in New York on April 28, 1975.

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