Powerball: Employees of a restaurant in Florida win the lottery and do an exemplary job with the money

As a work-related activity, a group of restaurant employees in Florida, United States, collectively contributed money to play the Powerball lottery. In one of their recent partnerships, they won a $50,000 prize, which, as a sign of their friendship, they decided to split so that each person only took home $5,400 after taxes.

The person in charge of purchasing the tickets, which divided the fortune into seven equal parts, was Georgette Angelos, owner of Chuck’s Seafood Restaurant, who followed her intuition to take advantage of a stopover on her daily commute to work at a Chevron service station. Kia is located at 8490 Commerce Center Drive in S. Lucie West. “I knew that spot was going to be a winner,” he said.

Meanwhile, the business’s manager, Frank Webb, was the first to check the results of the drawing held late last September: “The first ticket I scanned said, ‘You won $50,000,’ and I said, ‘ Absolutely not.” ‘…I started sending text messages to everyone saying we won,’ he told local media TCPalm.com. When the rest of the group of friends heard the good news, most ’s first reaction was disbelief. “I thought he was joking,” said Robin Torres, another restaurant co-worker. “It was unreal,” he said.


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