Precision medicine can also improve stability

health system is financially stressed, This is well known. Moreover, the main reason for this is that the demand has increased due to the aging of the population. However the other underlying issue is that not only do we age, but innovation is also helping us age better. An innovation that also requires financing. The question is whether this innovation represents an expense or is it an investment.n which in turn helps in the stability of the system.

Roche Institute has raised this question in its new report.Importance of personalized precision medicine in health system sustainability and efficiency, as explained Maria IsidoroThe expert collaborator of the study and the scientific coordinator of the Strategic Plan for Precision Medicine of Castilla y León, the panel of experts agrees Precision medicine helps improve the efficiency of SNS by reducing cost and time, Identifying more vulnerable populations, predicting the development of diseases with application in screening, using biomarkers associated with development and prognosis and above all reducing side effects by applying treatments to targeted populations.

Thus, from the health care and management point of view, it serves the purpose of Adjust health care to each individual’s needs, which allows you to optimize the use of resources and reduce system load. “Precision medicine allows us to combine practical economic objectives with medical objectives. This confluence of economic and humanitarian aspects is a victory for medical ethics,” says Isidoro.

for its part, Enrique de Alva, Coordinator of the report, also Head and Coordinator of the Pathological Anatomy Service at the Virgen de Rocío Hospital Andalusia Personalized Precision Medicine Planning He stressed that it is essential to start evaluating the actions we take to be able to present our economic results and speak the language of managers or administrations. So, he gave as an example how he started doing the same thing in projects in his hospital and how he extended it, which is what he is trying to do in the Andalusian MPP scheme.

“Let everyone learn from everything”

Dr. Enrique de Alva, coordinator of Andalusia’s Personalized Precision Medicine Plan, stressed during the meeting held in Madrid the need to coordinate these regional efforts with a more global vision, which helps to plan more and, above all, measure . Evaluate not only costs, but also health outcomes. “The problem is that we currently don’t have any tools that allow us to measure the health outcomes of precision medicine.” From Enrique de Alva’s point of view, all these challenges should be coordinated by the National Commission of Precision Medicine. Finally, another conclusion of the report is that new professional profiles are needed to create more multidisciplinary teams. In this sense, it is true that innovation increasingly makes the need for clinical geneticists or bioinformaticians more obvious, but it is also necessary to have health economists who can generate more data on the economic impact of all the new technologies yet to arrive. Can do. , Federico Plaza, vice president of the Roche Institute Foundation, concluded, “The objective is for everyone to learn about everything, from those with the white coat to those who don’t wear it and vice versa.”


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