Prime Video’s Enemy Ending Explained

Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan star in a new Prime Video movie, Enemy, Which tells the story of a couple whose lives change when a strange man arrives at their doorstep. But what actually happens at the end of the movie?

Set in 2065, enemy Follows a young, married couple named Henrietta and Junior who live on a remote farm. When a man named Terrence arrives and tells Junior that he is about to be sent into space, his wife is left in the company of a robot that looks exactly like her husband. Yes, scary.

The sci-fi thriller is garnering attention on social media, not least because of Saoirse and Paul’s stellar performances. But how does the story end?

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big twist in enemy Is the version of Junior we see from the beginning of the film actually not the ‘real’ one? In fact, from the first scene, we meet The human alternative to Junior, as the real Junior is already on the space station, and that first encounter is the AI’s initial introduction to the house. Despite this, Ai Jr. and Henrietta begin to connect, and form a somewhat healthy bond and relationship.

When the real Junior returns, his AI clone is deactivated. Henrietta struggles to accept the fact that her idea of ​​their relationship – and her experience with Duplicate Junior – is not real, and that this somewhat happy life was a temporary solution.

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As a result, she and the real Junior get into their own tumultuous, toxic argument, and she eventually leaves, leaving a blank letter for the real Junior. Oh, and a replica of it, for that matter.

Although it is unclear whether Junior realizes that Henrietta is a clone, this is slightly dependent on audience interpretation – while it is implied that he recognizes that she is a clone, it is suggested that he Don’t really care. And, in fact, he wants his ideal wife at home, while the real Hen wants to experience a broader, more exciting world.

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