Progressive metal artist Al Mumin claims he ‘oppressed’ Kendall Jenner in bizarre YouTube video

Al Mumin, the enigmatic frontman of progressive metal band The HAARP Machine, has sparked controversy with a recent video posted to his YouTube channel. In this 17-minute video, Al discusses his musical journey since releasing his debut album on Sumerian Records in early 2010. However, the video takes a strange turn when Al claims that he has “put away” American celebrity Kendall Jenner. Believed to be connected to the Kardashian family.

Al’s incoherent ramblings about his alleged interactions with Jenner on social media and allegations of manipulation by anonymous people have shocked many. While some think Al wants attention or publicity, others wonder if he has lost his sense of reality.

To add to the confusion, Al also revealed plans for new music and a solo pop album for The Harp Machine. Despite the lack of credibility in his statements, Al claims that he has honed his singing skills in recent years, following the disappointment caused by The Harp Machine’s failure to release a second album in 2022, with all the new members. Saw the departure of.

It remains to be seen whether Al’s claims are genuine or just an attention-grabbing ploy. You can watch the video below and make up your own mind.

Video of Al Mumin:

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