Puebla vs Toluca match summary (1-1). Target

the set of Toluca Clausura remained undefeated at the beginning of 2024 but despite this the team Renato Paiva didn’t end up starting out and becoming the team that was expected, and in his journey puebla Could barely save a 1-1 draw in a match devoid of emotions It only had one good finish in which the Scarlets got tired of failing,

La Franja is a team that sometimes plays football well, knows what to do with the ball, but then they lose the compass And becomes a team that doesn’t know how to recover from losing games.

There was little rhythm to the game in Cuauhtémoc; Although two goals were scored in the 90 minutes, both teams showed that they had a slow start to the tournament and hence the match was very even.

These were the goals of Puebla vs. Toluca

Pueblans took the lead on the scoreboard by one goal Fernando NavarroFormer Law was present in Cuauhtémoc, and until a few months ago he wore the Red Devils shirt.

Navarro’s score was an example of how La França can be a dynamic team, although the game also contained some errors from the visiting defence.

The goal put Puebla at ease and then Toluca found itself, before the end of the first half, Equalizing goal thanks to the goal of Paraguay’s Robert Morales.Which ended with a header against the goodness of the local defence.

The second half was a mere formality, both teams completely denied each other, both goals lacked emotion Scoring games continued until the end of the matchBut fate slept and no longer favored those devils who tried their hardest.

Geselló López had the clearestAt least a couple, but he was unable to push them off when he came full circle and was facing the arch to fire.

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