It turns out that a person’s fingerprints can be alike

Revolution in forensic medicine: It turns out that a person’s fingerprints can be alikeShutterstock

Revolution in forensic medicine. engineer of Columbia and the American University at Buffalo in the United States, have prepared a new analysis of Fingerprint through artificial intelligence ,aye) He throw down It is a long-standing belief in forensic medicine that no two fingerprints are ever alike, Not even on different fingers of the same person, Well yes, it is possible,

This discovery, which was published this Wednesday Science Advances Magazineis displayed with 99.99% confidence that the fingerprints of any two fingers of the same person are more similar than previously thought,

Basics of Crime Solving

fingerprints are required laboratories Crime on billions of mobile phones around the world to resolve cases, and for digital authentication,

Now, the study led gab guoAn engineering student at Columbia, in collaboration with other researchers at the same University and at Buffalo, has shown that it is possible to overcome this limitation by analyzing various features On those marks which had not been noticed till now.

students got one US government public database containing approximately 60,000 fingerprintsSome from the same person and others from different people.

Engineer, They extracted representation vectors from footprints and he observed some surprising results, Different fingerprints of the same person are extremely similar,

they discovered that the key was inside ridges (the most prominent area of ​​the footprint), since orientation near the center of the footprints Much has been said about this similarity and this pattern has been repeated All pairs of fingers of the same person.

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