PUMAS: Gustavo Del Prete will play with Mazatlán; closed deal

Argentinian gustavo del prete Once his negotiations with Necaxa did not progress and after continuous signings, Mazatlán will play with He faced rejection at Pumas,

According to information received from sources half timeAn agreement has been reached between the parties concerned for the 27-year-old footballer to wear the Mazatlán shirt after three tournaments as Auriazul.

Although Necaxa showed interest in joining him, they were not able to move forward as the university’s conditions did not suit him, but fortunately for the player, the Mazatlán team came forward knowing of their interest in giving him an outlet.

Criticized by Pumas fans

Del Prete had become a player who was constantly highlighted by Cats fans, as highlighted in Sunday’s 1–0 win against Bravos, where he Ever since his name was heard on the local sound, there has been a hue and cry,

Furthermore, after a missed header that looked like it was going to be a goal, the hostility escalated significantly.

Attacker Arrived with a nice poster for the Apertura 2022 from Estudiantes de La Plata, but failed to live up to expectations.

Escobza, confirmed as reinforcement

The man who has already been officially announced as a player of the Canoneros is Alonso Escobarza, who will also try to regain his career after spending the night at Cruz Azul.

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