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Seville, March 18 (EFE). – Chile’s Manuel Pellegrini has called for a reset as Betis needs to improve and straighten its course in the final round of the league after three consecutive defeats, at the start of Passion Week in what could be called a period of sanity. A more reasonable test and, at least in its formulation, a clearer purpose for the amendment.

This Sunday’s defeat against Rayo Vallecano (2-0) for the second consecutive time since November 2020, in the first practice of the four of the Santiago coach at the Benito Villamarin, has left a trace of discontent within the team. He feels that the only goal of this season has slipped out of his hands.

After consecutive exits from the Copa del Rey and the European and Conference leagues, Pellegrini’s team only have the challenge of securing European qualification for the fourth consecutive year, however this objective has fallen away after the Valencia match as Betis finish seventh with 42 points. Is in place. Real Sociedad, four behind in sixth, and just behind them is Valencia, with 40 and with one game less.

The faces resigned to the result and the image projected were more evident at the end of the duel against Rayo, in which, in addition to Pellegrini, Argentines Guido Rodríguez and stalwarts such as German Pezzella and Isco Alarcón also stood out. Their faces, which had reappeared after more than a month in dry dock, were the only good news of the afternoon in Vallecano.

Given the evidence of three defeats, mobility, a weak and uncompetitive image and three games away from the European objective, there were no hot spots in any of them to achieve which, according to the Arroyo de la Miel playmaker, they were “attitude To change and go with greater ambition, go to three points from the beginning”.

In the same vein, German Pezzella spoke of “a very bad streak” for which he called for “being humble and recognizing that there are some things that are not being done well, working to move it forward and To improve”, “to look inside and see what can be improved”, an exercise aimed at introspection and revision in which his compatriot Guido Rodríguez was full of “anger” and knew what was at stake. .

Now, Betis will rest until next Wednesday and from there, they will begin to prepare for their return to the competition on March 31 against Verona in Montelivi, a reflection of approximately fifteen days in which Pellegrini will try to regain his spirits and He will be able to heal injured players and fine-tune the set-up of others like Isco.

The Chilean made his diagnosis after losing for the third consecutive time in Valencia after doing so against Atlético de Madrid and Villarreal and admitted that his team “is not having a good time and there should be more clarity”, although “there are still nine games left. “Twenty-Seven Numbers and Nine Endings”.

“We have fifteen days to recover because we have been in these situations recently but we have to find a solution as soon as possible. I don’t know if we are in the worst moment of the season but we are going through difficult times.” Time is winning. We have to do strong self-criticism. There is no lack of will but there was a lack of clarity, intensity and success,” he said.

A fortnight’s break will help Pellegrini prepare Isco Alarcon for the remaining nine league games and help the injured Hector Bellerin recover from a muscle ailment; Congolese striker Cédric Bakambu, who injured his soleus muscle in his debut as a starter in a Conference League match against Dinamo Zagreb on 22 February; and center back Marc Bartra, who had surgery on his Achilles heel last October.

In addition, Chimi Ávila Montilivi will return after the completion of the suspension match for his expulsion against Villarreal and with him, everyone will be there for the final leg, in which the Verdiblancos will score their only goal of the year against Celta at the Villamarin. Seville, Almeria and Real Sociedad; And away, against Valencia, Osasuna, Las Palmas and Real Madrid.

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