Qatar declares itself “cautiously optimistic” after speaking to Mossad chief about ceasefire with Hamas

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid al-Ansari (Reuters)

Qatari officials are “cautiously optimistic” After talks with Israel’s intelligence chief in Doha, the purpose of which is to try to reach a conclusion CeasefireQatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid al-Ansari said at a press conference this Tuesday.

Al-Ansari said this Mossad chief David Barnia, left Qatar after discussion. He indicated that technical negotiations are ongoing between Israel and Hamas and that Qatar is passing messages between the parties.

“I don’t think we’re at a point where we can say we’re close to an agreement,” al-Ansari said. “It is still too early to declare successes.”

The spokesman also stressed that Israeli ground operations in Rafah would delay any talks.

Smoke rises during Israeli ground operations in Khan Yunis, seen from Rafah (Reuters/Bassam Massoud/file photography)

A UN food agency warned that “famine is imminent” in northern Gaza. Palestinian militants killed nearly 1,200 people and abducted another 250 in Israel on October 7 in an attack that provoked war. The Hamas terrorist group is believed to still hold about 100 people, as well as the remains of more than 30 others.

Meanwhile, incoming Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa presented far-reaching plans Palestinian Authority A mission statement received by the agency on Tuesday includes reviving and creating an independent trust fund to oversee the reconstruction of Gaza. AP.

But the plans face significant obstacles, including opposition from the Israeli prime minister. benjamin netanyahu For any return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza. The statement did not mention Hamas, which polls indicate still enjoys significant support.

In this image distributed by the Israeli military, a ship carrying humanitarian aid from the NGO World Central Kitchen enters Gaza’s maritime zone (Israeli military via AP)

On the other hand, humanitarian aid reached Gaza on Friday First shipment by ship using a broker from CyprusWCK, one of the NGOs participating in the operation, reported this Tuesday, which was carried out by the United Nations in the north of the Palestinian Territory.

A ship of NGO Open Arms landed 200 tons of food In a project coordinated with World Central Kitchen (WCK), an organization founded by Spanish chef José Andrés that specializes in food distribution in disaster areas.

“Approximately 200 tonnes of aid that arrived this morning on the ship ‘Open Arms’ was transported to the northern Gaza Strip as part of a World Food Program (WFP) convoy, which will be used to prepare food rations for the population. , WCK indicated in a statement.

(With information from AP and AFP)

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