Qatar’s Prime Minister arrives in America as talks continue for ceasefire in Gaza

Qatar’s Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Abderrahman Al Thani (EFE/File)

first minister Qatari, Mohammed bin Abderrahman Al Thaniarrived this monday Washington And will meet the US Secretary of State. anthony blinkenTo achieve an accomplishment amid the efforts of mediators ceasefire in Gaza before the beginning of RamadanThe next one is scheduled for March 11.

Qatari diplomacy also heads “Chiefs” Qatari delegation for the sixth round of Qatar-US strategic dialoguewhich will be held tomorrow,” said the spokesperson Qatari Foreign Ministry, Majid Al Ansariin your account x,

He said he would meet blinken And both will inaugurate this dialogue, which will include twelve sessions in various fields bilateral cooperation,

it Qatar-US strategic dialogue was established in 2018 for joint coordination of regional and global issues as well as to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the areas Health, humanitarian aid, International Development, human right, regional cooperation, Climate change And Businessamong others.

The Prime Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abderrahman Al Thani, will meet with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken (EFE/File)

The visit comes at a crucial time for both countries, which are mediators in the conflict HoroscopeGiven that negotiations are currently taking place cairo Except between the delegations of the parties to the conflict israel who has not sent anyone to the capital of Egypt, to gain Truce Before the start of the holy month for Muslims.

“The ceasefire talks continue today (monday) cairo with the participation of egypt, usa, Hamas And Taste“, according to a highly placed Egyptian source, who could not be identified, told the channel Al Qahera News, near Egyptian intelligence,

This is what the informant said egypt they are doing “Great effortso that an agreement can be reached before the holy month RamadanWhich is expected to start from next 10th or 11th March.

He also said that he has achievedProgress“To achieve a goal in conversation”fair compromise”, but did not provide further details about these developments.

This Sunday, the vice president of usa, kamala harriscalled for a ceasefire in Horoscope temporary, six weeks, which they are negotiating israel And Palestine have been applied “Immediately”,

harris see you this monday white House With a member of the Israeli war cabinet benny gantza meeting at which he will reiterate the position of usa imposing a temporary ceasefire to bring more humanitarian aid to gaza And free the hostages.

Negotiations continue to achieve a ceasefire in the Middle East before Ramadan (Reuters/Amir Cohen)

According to usa israel The six-week ceasefire proposal has been “more or less” accepted in HoroscopeWhereas Hamas A senior security official said Saturday that it had not yet accepted a “defined category of vulnerable hostages.” white House,

Six-week ceasefire will allow hostage exchange Horoscope And there has also been an increase in the influx of Palestinian prisoners into Israeli prisons as well humanitarian aid,

israel And Hamas They agreed to a ceasefire in November that allowed the release of 105 hostages in exchange for the release of 240 prisoners. Palestinians,

Throughout this year, cairo Has hosted three meetings between the parties, the first on 24 January which brought together all delegations involved in the negotiations, including israel,

(with information from EFE)

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