Shakira will cause the most damage to Pique with Real Madrid

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Even though she probably didn’t care about the Barça-Real rivalry, Shakira avoided getting as close to the merengue as possible while living with Gerard Piqué. But since she has parted ways with the Blaugrana legend, she could be having a field day. We might even think she does this on purpose, given that their breakup went so badly against the background of adultery!

Four concerts at the Bernabeu!

We have learned that the Colombian singer’s next world tour will pass through Madrid in June 2025. Shakira will give not one, but four concerts at the Santiago-Bernabeu Stadium! By the time she burns the Blaugrana jersey bearing the name of her former teammate, who was hated by Merengue supporters due to his anti-Real stance, she will be guaranteed to have a frenzied crowd at her feet!

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to sum up

Shakira avoided concerts in Madrid when she was with FC Barcelona legend Gerard Piqué. But now that it is a war between former spouses, she no longer hesitates! He may have planned four concerts at the Santiago-Bernabeu stadium!

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