Rayados come out on top again with clear upset of Pumas

Monterrey defeated the Felin team 3-0 at home and once again put themselves on top of the Clausura 2024.

Monterrey– striped reclaimed the top of general ranking In the 2024 Clausura tournament, they defeated 3–0 cougar In the tenth match day held at BBVA Stadium, thereby remaining undefeated in the match.

The match started at an acceptable pace and the first substitute was drawn by the home team. German Bertram He received the ball on the edge of the area and took a shot which remained in the goalkeeper’s hands. Julio Gonzalez,

cougar when tried to answer Eduardo Salvio He took the ball and tried to run towards the opponent’s area, but he shot from outside the ball with little force and the ball remained in the goalkeeper’s hands. esteban andrada,

jesus gallardo had another chance to Monterey When he escaped from the left, he entered the area and shot, but it was too much of a cross, so everything became difficult for the coach-led team. gustavo lema,

berteraam became the most disturbing element of stripedThere were several options in front of the visitors’ cabin, but they lacked strength and the board remained motionless.

Monterey He continued his stubbornness against the rival club in the match and got the benefit in the 51st minute when brandon vazquez He received the ball inside the area and did not forgive, sending it into the net to make the score 1–0.

German Bertram He had another clear shot when he received the ball in three quarters of the field, he ran towards the area, but when the time came to define he sent it over the crossbar.

When the visitors found themselves down on the scoreboard they had no power to react, much less generate a goal. andradaBut guillermo martinez He had one option when he received a cross into the area and failed to send his header wide.

Monterey They did not lower their weapons in the fight to increase the gap and in the 81st minute they achieved it sergio canalesWho took a mid-range shot to send the ball into the nets and thus made the score 2-0.

cougar However, he could not do anything special in the last minutes of the match. Monterey A goal in the 88th sealed the 3-0 win. Gerardo Arteaga And thus the local people took three points into dispute.

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