Science confirms this city in the Basque Country is considered the happiest in all of Spain

Happiness is a topic that has a lot of meanings. Be it a question of attitude, philosophy of life, a completely subjective concept or what are the small daily habits that activate the hormone of happiness. In any case, what is clear is that happiness can be conditioned by many factors But did you know that the city you live in could be one of them?

From time to time we discover facts about happiness that arouse our curiosity. One of them is the study “The importance of species diversity for human well-being in Europe” which was published in Ecological Economics in 2020. This study confirms that Nature plays an important role in human well-being And staying in touch with him brings happiness.

Thus, it states that the richness of species of fauna and flora is positive for the inhabitants of an area, and especially the richness of bird species. According to the study above, the happiest people in Europe are those who in their daily lives they are surrounded by birds, If observing different species affects our happiness, then Gauteguís de Arteaga is the happiest city in Spain. The main reason for this is the Urdaibai Bird Center located there.

Cadaqués (Gerona)Cadaqués (Gerona)

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