Rafael Devers sounds wooden with Boston

Another day of exhibition games begins in Spring Training major League Baseball And Latinos continue to waste their talent on the playground. On a sunny Florida afternoon, rafael devers The wood hit and he put his team on the score.

Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red SoxThey met again in the Grapefruit League race, this time, from the field of JetBlue Park, Earlier, they met in the Dominican Republic as part of the MLB World Tour, where the red-legged team had increased superiority over their divisional rivals, who had not been able to beat them in the middle of the preseason. Chief,

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora named second and third basemen in the order rafael devers To face this commitment. Meanwhile, the ninth guest took advantage of 2×0 in the first innings itself. In his first trip to the plate, Tyler Alexander dominated the Latin slugger through strikeouts but got revenge.

Rafael Devers came in and brought Boston closer

In the bottom of the third inning, Reese McGuire hit a ground rule double. With two outs, the Latin major leaguer arrived in the batter’s box with the mission of bringing in a run, and he accomplished it.

Reese McGuire was on the porch, Tyler Alexander was on his feet and the table was set. rafael devers On the first pitch of the inning he hit a ground ball to shortstop and managed to reach base, allowing his teammate to score. His set was discounted and tampa bay rays 2×1 overs were ahead boston red sox,

For the fourth consecutive game, the Caribbean slugger had at least one hit and also reached three games with a run scored. It was his tenth RBI and first against the Tampa Bay Rays. rafael devers In the middle of spring training.

boston red sox They remain one of Florida’s best teams, topping the standings with 14 wins and 10 losses. As if that wasn’t enough, they have no clue about the setback on four occasions facing the Tampa Bay Rays this spring.

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