Randy Arozarena scores a header against Atlanta

This Monday, March 18, was defiantly different for Cuba, but not unknown. tampa bay rays, Randy Arozarena, The Mexican nationalized slugger started out as a center fielder for the Gulf Bay team atlanta braves In this Charlotte Sports ParkSpring home of the members of the American League.

gardener of tampa He joined the team to this day as the third hitter and center fielder, a position he did not cover. spring training From spring 2020.

His countrymen were also seen in this commitment yandy diaz, batting first in the order and as a first baseman. Even from the other sidewalk, Ronald Acuna Jr. They also made their presence felt in the game and gave a Caribbean flavor to the duel.

Randy Arozarena left attendees speechless

During the top of the third inning, atlanta He launched a series of attacks that theoretically led to a rally. However, protect tampa He managed to get out of the situation by scoring only one run, making the score 2–0 within moments.

But it happened despite the loss Randy Arozarena That he survived the greater evil with his skilled gloves, and despite being out, the episode’s only run came via a sacrifice fly.

with travis d’arnaud at home and phil matton in the box, atlanta There were runners on the corners with only one out to start the third inning. Charlotte Sports Park,

recipient of braves He picked up the ball on a hit that seemed to fall into the no-man zone in right-center field, but in a sensational way. arozarena He ran, appeared in the air to catch the ball and survived the base sweep.

Despite the effort, the third-string player scored, as noted above, but the play went down as one of the best of the day.

Ultimately the duel remained in the hands of the locals by 3–7 Randy Arozarena Zero in attack, 3-0, but without a doubt the defensive hero.

Without any further delay let’s watch the sensational drama:

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