Raquel Yahyaoui, head of the Málaga Regional Laboratory

He Regional University Hospital of Málaga It has been reported Raquel Yahyaoui Macias new chief of service Laboratory – Clinical Analysis,

He specialized in Doctor of Medicine from the University of Málaga. clinical biochemistry In Málaga regional only.

It is in this center that he has developed most of his professional career; First as an associate physician in Clinical Biochemistry, and later as head of the Biochemical Newborn Detection and Genetics Laboratory.

He has also been responsible for the laboratory of Metabolopathy and center of newborn baby checkup of Eastern Andalusia, and member of the Advisory Group personalized medicine and Precision, promoted by the Ministry of Health and Family of Andalusia.

She has been a researcher for several decades Málaga Biomedical Research Institute and the Platform in Nanomedicine (Ibima Platforma BioNand), where she is currently Deputy Coordinator of Ibima-RARE, a research group focused on rare diseases,

Milestones in spinal muscular atrophy

It should be remembered that Yahyaoui, together with other health professionals, coordinated and conducted a project for the early detection of spinal muscular atrophy in newborns, which led to The colour red The first case of a child being treated for this disease has been reported, and according to the latest official information, he has grown into a healthy child after one and a half years.

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