Real Espana has been sued by one of its footballers for non-payment: “They have isolated me”

Midfielder Ilse Barahona is training separately with Real Espana, who has salary and other financial commitments.

He royal spain His financial situation showed signs of improvement and he managed to field a good squad for 2024, increasing the level of their football under his command. miguel FaleroHowever, he has put the career of one of his footballers in danger.

Many do not remember it, but in this Clausura tournament he is completing his sixth season as a player for the Orangers, where, after failing to make the cut, he has been marginalized, a difficult test. faced where their financial solvency is in doubt. Current contract.

we are talking about something ilse बरहोनाA 25-year-old Honduran midfielder, who confirmed Ten Who have sued Real España for non-compliance with salaries.

Ilse arrived on the machine for the first tournament of 2021, she initially started with the Mexican coach Raul ,foal, GutierrezBut his performance did not live up to expectations and he was loaned out the following year platinesHowever, the club from which he rose and stood out was deposed upon his return.

Ilse Barahona signed a three-year contract with Real España. He has played only seven games since 2021.

बरहोना but did not return Real spain And he left on loan to Honduras Progreso. There he played two tournaments of the 2022–23 season and again his team lost the category.

He returned to the Machine in the Apertura 2023, playing only seven minutes in one game and coming off the bench in four others. With the arrival of Uruguayan Miguel Faleiro in the technical order, Ilse was removed from the team, as he admitted, “I am owed half of the salary and bonus from 2022.”

The footballer confirmed that he has sued the club for this reason: “I am running a legal process with a lawyer for breach of contract,” he explained. Ten,

बरहोना He revealed that “by decision of the manager he made me train at different times from the group,” he was left out of the Sampadrana team altogether.

Ilse Barahona has not received a payment from Real Espana in the last three months.

“The decision to leave was taken since the preseason started because before finishing the last tournament I demanded that I be paid the bonus loan and 15 days’ salary that they took from us due to the poor performance of the entire team , As well as the apartment payment.”, said the footballer.

And he added: “Then they wanted to send me on loan to the Liga de Ascenso and I did not accept it because of non-compliance with what was stipulated in my contract. “The last payment I received was in December.”

ilse He is completing his last tournament with his contract at Real Espana, so he will become a free agent in the middle of this year. Although he initially signed for three years with the Professors, in total he recorded only seven appearances without scoring any goals or assists.

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