Harvard psychiatrist Luana Marques, who was born in a poor area of ​​Brazil, reveals 3 keys to thriving

Although today we see many examples of quick win (real or apparent) on social networks, the truth is that success sounds at the top but A lot of hard work has to be done behind this.

cases like luana marx, physician, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and founder of Community Psychiatry PRIDE at Massachusetts General Hospital. Despite working at one of the best universities in the world, the expert never gets tired of revealing and, as she says, “Bringing ivory tower science to the streetsHelping people when they need it most.

Her love of psychology began at the age of 15, when her grandmother gave her guidelines for overcoming anxiety, about which she later said, “I saw that they were supported by science, and helped overcome life’s obstacles.” Were also valid to receive.”

How to avoid becoming your own worst enemy, according to a Harvard psychiatrist

Luana has researched everything about anxiety, how to deal with it and how to use it to benefit us. As noted in two published books, he has several times, “Vivir con Audacia” (HarperCollins) and “Bold Move: A 3 Step Plan for Transforming Anxiety into Strength” (not translated into Spanish). when it comes near exit We become our own boycottersUsually because of fear.

“As a psychologist I have seen this conflict firsthand. I have coined a concept about it, ‘Psychological avoidance’ which is based on my 20 years of research and clinical work,” he wrote on his blog. For him, psychological defense is understood as an impulsive response to something perceived as a threat ( Even if it isn’t), and our flight provides feedback immediate emotional reliefBut this will have long-term consequences.

3 attitudes that are hindering your success and how to avoid them, according to a Harvard expert

1. Escape: According to psychiatrists, our primary instinct to flee (for example from a lion) is transformed in modern times into other escape mechanisms such as seeking refuge in social networks, or drinking alcohol, or procrastinating at work.

The key to not running away from a challenge:The expert proposes first recognize fear What’s in the background and, secondly, something that ensures it’s always working: Ask yourself, what would my best friend say in this situation?

2. Feedback: This attitude translates into impulsive actions, such as continuing to respond or reacting with anger in order to have the last word in an argument.

The key to not reacting to a challenge: Marques recommends leaving the stage and breathing for a few minutes, this would be the classic “count to ten.”

3. To be stable: it would be kind of sock position Facing the unexpected. This usually means trying to convince yourself that the situation is not so bad, or that “it will pass”, i.e. postponing the problem.

The key to never postponing a challenge: Harvard experts recommend that if we feel like something is overwhelming us, we break it down into small steps that we take consistently every day. For example, if you have a business plan in mind, but you are stuck wondering how to carry it out, Set aside an hour a day just to think On that issue.

Marques says, “Until you learn to embrace your true authentic self, confront what holds you back, and resolve the internal challenges that suggest putting the brakes on life, you will never move forward.” You won’t be able to grow or achieve the life you envision.” In short, according to the author, the main obstacles to achieving success are usually ourselves.


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