Recharges of Classic USD cards are enabled from Cuba

“It’s official! International recharge of the USD Classic card is available in Cuba, and we are the first to offer it to you. This is the message published this Tuesday by TocoPay, a site for sending money to Cuba.

Let’s remember that the Classic USD Card is a new product from the Cuban company Fincimex, which processes family remittances and acts as a financial card issuer and acquirer. It is purchased at CADECA branches at a price of 4 USD and is used to make payments at service centers.

According to the Tocopay calculator, if you send 100 euros to the Classic USD card, the beneficiary will receive 107.28 MLC in Cuba. In total you will pay 111.80 euros, which is €11.80 for shipping commission. For the beneficiary to receive 100 US dollars in Cuba, you need to deposit 111.54 US dollars.

How sending money to Cuba via Tocopay works,

1- To transfer money to Cuba via Tocopay, the sender must have an international card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or UnionPay), prepaid, credit or debit, capable of secure internet payments.

2- For its part, the recipient in Cuba must have an AIS, CLASICA or MLC card from the Metropolitan, Popular Savings (BPA) or Credit and Commerce (BANDEC) banks.

3- It is important to know that if you wish, with a successful first shipment, you can request the creation of a new AIS or Classic card for the beneficiary on the island.

4- Once these requirements are met, you will have to register on the website, provide the necessary information and documents for the individual and your beneficiaries. The platform will verify that everything is in order and will contact you to provide you with the PIN or security key with which you can send your remittance.

Steps to send money to Cuba with Tocopay from anywhere in the world

If your account has already been verified, go in once Place,

  • Select the shipping type and set the quantity to send.
  • Select the beneficiary and their respective card or bank account.
  • Confirm that the transfer details are correct and make the payment, declare the card details (number, expiry date and security code on the back of the card) and authenticate the payment with your bank.

How do I know if my beneficiary has received his or her money in Cuba? According to Tokope, the approved transfer will pass through the following states:

– Payment: Operation completed successfully.

– Deposit in process: Our deposit provider is processing the transfer.

– Deposit: The operation has been credited to the beneficiary’s card.

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