Restrictive measures reported in Havana due to energy crisis and departure of “Guitaras”

As a result of the withdrawal of the national electricity system from the “Guiteras” plant, the largest energy block in Cuba, social networks began to report a series of restrictive measures in Havana due to this energy crisis and its consequences for 17 days. The above thermoelectric plant.

Cuban authorities then decided to put into practice Contingency Arrangement No. 1, with the aim of maximizing energy saving measures during times of highest consumption in Havana, known as “energy peak”. These measures have been taken in the context of the energy crisis affecting the country.

According to a message that went viral on the network and was shared on WhatsApp, the measures include things like: a ban on the use of administrative air conditioners at all times, shutting down everything in work centers during peak hours except those that are necessary for work activities. Continuous production and paralysis and promotion of teleworking or remote work.

Other measures were: a maximum limit on lighting in hallways, staircases and common areas in work centres, a ban on the use of electric ovens during the peak and a ban on pumping water into the state sector during the peak.

Measures taken in Havana due to energy crisis

Plans also added blackouts of at least four hours in the Cuban capital, another measure that has been in place in Havana but that interior provinces have already suffered for months.

According to officials, these measures are expected to contribute to reducing energy consumption in the country, which is essential to mitigate the energy crisis. He points out that the cooperation of the population is important for the success of these measures.

Other recommendations amid this new energy crisis are to turn off lights and electronic devices when not in use, use low-consumption LED bulbs, disconnect power to electronic devices when not in use and reduce air usage. Do it. Conditioning and, if possible, replace it with a fan.


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