Rihanna launches short film to promote Fenty Beauty!

Rihanna recently decided to launch a short film to promote her Fenty Beauty brand.

Rihanna has more than one string to her bow. Moving away from music, fashion and makeup, the star is now launching short films to promote her brand Fenty Beauty. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Rihanna is more content than ever since the birth of her eldest child

There are still many of you following News related to Rihanna. And this, for the simple reason that the star is talked about. Especially since the birth of her eldest. Very discreet about motherhood, the young woman spoke in a Vogue column a few months after giving birth.

On the moon, the latter felt wings growing thanks to his son. “It’s knowing that you can do anything (after giving birth, editor’s note), even the things that seem the craziest. (…) You feel good in such a challenge because you know what your body has just done. you feel this emotion ‘Nothing is impossible’, He explained.

And to add: “I still can’t believe it. I went from one person to two. You enter the hospital as a couple and leave as a family of three. However, the daily life of Rihanna was shocked by the arrival of the child, “These first few days have been crazy. You are not sleeping. at all. ,

“Even if you want to.” We came home and there was no one there. As new parents it was just us and our baby. You’re usually a zombie”, she said before talking about her past life. “You don’t really remember your life before, it’s the craziest thing ever.” ,

“You literally try to remember it – and there are pictures of my life before – but the feelings, the desires, the things you love, everything, you just don’t relate to it (…) because… Because it doesn’t matter. » MCE TV tells you more about Rihanna.

Star launches short film to promote Fenty Beauty

Now a mother of two children Rihanna lives a dream life. But apart from playing this role, the star is also working on her professional projects.

As head of Fenty Beauty, she has to renew herself, too. And this, to stay ahead of the curve and attract new customers. Thus, Rihanna recently decided to launch Short film to promote your brand.

In the first pictures revealed on his Instagram account, The singer introduced her partner ASAP Rocky, To the delight of his fans.

, Born to steal: yours, mine, ours, The short film with @asaprocky will premiere tomorrow at 10am PT from @fentyskin + @fentybeauty on YouTube., she wrote below the related video. A post that did not fail to get her fans reacting.

In any case, one thing is for sure, which is that Rihanna has no intention of resting on her laurels!

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