Risks of Applying Aesthetic Medicine in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Margaret Rodriguez, an expert in aesthetic medicine, said that in the Dominican Republic there are many cases in which people who are not doctors by profession practice aesthetic medicine.

She said that this type of therapy is practiced along with the beauty courses that many women have taken, but that they are given it because of the little supervision that exists in the country.

“Apart from doctors, no other personnel can inject active ingredients into the skin,” the expert said.

Rodríguez said in the program El Punto that aesthetic medicine is the part of medicine that includes minimally invasive procedures, “This is the part that includes injections, such as the famous Botox, fillers, threads, plasma and everything that involves needles”, Emphasizing that they are the only procedures that involve needles and some types of lasers that are specific to doctors.

He gave the example of someone who works to assist a doctor and believes they already know the technique because they have learned by watching how it is done, “he believes. That they can now go home, or go to a salon or a gym, to have plasma applied.”

The expert said that currently you can see how even in the gym someone is putting artichoke and other active ingredients which are used to work on localized fat.

“They give Botox anywhere,” he explained, adding that people who use these services typically don’t check that the staff who is going to apply it have done so in studies. Whether or not they have done it and where they have done it or do they have any experience in this field.

He said that a major weakness that exists in the Dominican population is that they seek these services and products only where they find it cheapest.

“Let’s say they are not expensive, it’s just that they should be aimed at a population that understands the need to take care of their health so that it is expressed in beauty.”

She indicated that applying a cream purchased on Amazon “because I bought it and I like expensive things” is not the same as applying a cream purchased on Amazon “because I bought it and I like expensive things” to a beauty therapist or dermatologist who indicates that a person may need one based on their age, your skin biotype or phototype. Based on what is needed. Case. Of other products.

Health workers “Call themselves doctors, dermatologists, surgeons, we have specific knowledge of anatomy. Anyone who does not have adequate knowledge of anatomy and injects into an artery or nerve can cause what is called iatrogenesis “

In that vein, he said that when these types of things happen, the patient has someone to complain to, because the doctor knows the active ingredient. If the patient has a reaction to the drug, the doctor has a way to respond, “because that’s what a doctor is for.” Because he knows the pharmacology, the pharmacodynamics, the Pharmacokinetics and knows the active ingredients.”

If you’re someone who learned because you watched and someone told you, “Obviously if there’s a reaction you won’t know what to do and that’s where the problems come from.”


Among the most common complications to occur are necrosis and hematomas which can become very large, highlighting that even the doctors themselves can have complications.

“As a doctor, I can react to an infection, but the person who gave it to you in the gym or in class can’t do that.”

He asked the Aesthetic Medicine Society in the country to work together with the Dominican Medical College to prevent aesthetic intruders from continuing the practice.

He said it is important for the public to know the difference between cosmetologists, aesthetic therapists and surgeons; Cosmetologists and cosmetologists work on the technical aesthetic part that does not involve anything invasive or injectology, while estheticians work on minimally invasive techniques like injections.

Taking care of your face comes from within, she said, adding, “It’s not just about going to a center and doing what you want.” The expert concluded by saying that nutrition should be taken care of and products should be used as per the needs and conditions of the people.

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