Rocío San Miguel, an activist detained by the Chavista regime, has not been in contact for more than 100 hours, he said.

military expert lawyer Rocío San Miguel They still have no contact with whoever did it “Over 100 hours of communication” Allegations of an alleged “conspiracy” against the dictator followed his arrest on Friday Nicolas Maduro.

The arrest of San Miguel, the head of Citizen Control, an NGO that keeps records of human rights violations, followed the arrest of five of his relatives, a fact Juan Gonzalez Taguarco, A member of his legal team condemned it as “a clear pattern of enforced disappearances”.

This is what is known about the case, over which “concern” has been expressed by the United Nations Human Rights Office as well as the United States government:

San Miguel, 57 years old and of dual nationality, Venezuelan and Spanish, was detained in the immigration area of ​​the international airport at 05:00 local time on 9 February. Maquetia, Which serves Caracas.

He was with his daughter at the time of his arrest mirandaJoe was able to inform his loved ones that officers of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN) had detained his mother.

Official information has gradually become known. More than 48 hours passed until the Attorney General, tarek william saabreported through a message on the social network X on Sunday afternoon that there was an arrest warrant for San Miguel.

The prosecution adds that “white bracelet”, An alleged plot to attack a military base in Tachira, a state bordering Colombia, and later Maduro.

File photo of Rocío San Miguel, Venezuelan activist and human rights defender (EFE/Jeffrey Arguedas)

Maduro, who frequently denounces a plot to overthrow him, He said his rule neutralized five “conspiracies” in 2023, The president, who is running for re-election for the third time this year, was already accused of involvement in a “military coup” in San Miguel in 2014.

The legal team in charge of the defense of San Miguel, 57 years old, Condemned the “enforced disappearance” of the activist and her five relatives.That includes her ex-husband, Jose Gonzales de Canales Plaza, a retired aviation serviceman, and their daughter, Miranda.

“As of 10:30 am today, February 13, the technical rescue has not been able to communicate with Rocío San Miguel or any of the five relatives, who would also have been presented before the Second Control Court with jurisdiction over terrorism. Judge Carlos Liendo said for the defense.

“We do not know the whereabouts of each of these individuals, so enforced disappearances continue. Rocío San Miguel has spent 100 hours in communications,” his lawyers said in a statement this Tuesday.

In a second message on X published on Monday night, Prosecutor Saab noted a presentation audience of sixIn reference to San Miguel and five of his relatives before a court against terrorism.

After that, the prosecution requested preventive deprivation of liberty for San Miguel and her ex-husband. he will be charged with crimes “Treason”, “Conspiracy” and “Terrorism”, Charges for which other Venezuelan activists have been prosecuted.

According to Saab, San Miguel’s ex-husband, who retired from the armed forces with the rank of colonel, will be prosecuted for “disclosure of political and military secrets related to the country’s security.”

San Miguel’s other four relatives received Precautionary measures including “periodic submissions” In the court handling the case, Saab hinted without specifying the identities of these people.

“At that hearing, Rocío San Miguel did not have lawyers upon whom he could guarantee his right to legal assistance as part of the due process established in Article 44 of the Constitution,” the analyst’s legal team said.

(With information from AFP)

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