Rumors and expectations for Apple’s next flagship

A few months after the launch of the recent 2023 models, the first rumors about the long-awaited iPhone 16 are already leaking.

Join us as we explore potential release dates, Apple’s expectations, potential prices, and innovations we may see in the next flagship phone from Apple Company.

When will iPhone 16 be launched?

News about the iPhone 16 is expected to arrive during Apple’s annual launch event, possibly in September 2024. Possible dates for this event could be September 3 or 10, which are the usual days for the company’s annual launches. However, we cannot rule out September 4 or 11 as options either.

Will Apple continue to surprise us?

The latest WWDC 2023 keynote event wowed us in June, celebrating the App Store’s 15th anniversary with exciting new features. The iPhone 15 presentation in September was also notable with its Dynamic Island and new roadside assistance service. Now, all eyes are on the future of the iPhone 16, which promises significant innovations in both design and hardware.

As far as RAM is concerned, the leak suggests that all models will have 8GB, which is an advance for the standard and Plus editions, but not for the Pro model. Additionally, it is rumored that the Pro models may support Wi-Fi 7 and have a new 5G modem, which will mean higher speeds that the standard iPhone 16 models can’t match.

How much will iPhone 16 cost?

As far as prices are concerned, they may remain the same as the iPhone 15, although some analysts suggest that the iPhone 16 may be more affordable due to changes in the chip production process. However, if production costs continue to rise, Apple may be forced to adjust prices to protect its profit margins. The current colors (yellow, pink and black) will likely be available for the series.

What’s in store for us in the iPhone 16?

There are already some certainties. In terms of screen size, the diagonals are expected to increase, to 6.3 inches for the Pro version and 6.9 inches for the Ultra and Plus, while the standard version should remain 6.1 inches. Apart from the size, the iPhone 16 line may feature brighter displays. Apple is rumored to be considering more energy-efficient technologies to improve battery life.

Following the introduction of the customizable “Action” button on the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple may add a new capacitive button called “Capture.” This button, located just below the power button on the right side, will focus on photography and creating multimedia content, especially three-dimensional content for virtual reality.

As for the camera, it is anticipated that the standard iPhone 16 Pro will also retain the tetraprism lens of the previous model and, thanks to a slightly larger housing, will allow the diagonal to be increased to 6.3 inches, as mentioned above.

iPhone 16 Pro or Max?

The traditional split between standard and Pro models could evolve in 2024 with the possible introduction of an Ultra variant. The Pro Max is expected to be transformed into an Ultra, underscoring its status as a flagship and not just an upgraded version of the regular Pro. The speculated A17 chip, which will become the A18, will be exclusive to the Si model, and there’s talk of a “super-telephoto” for the Pro Max with a 48MP ultra-wide camera. The most significant camera upgrades will likely be reserved for the Pro, Pro Max and/or Ultra models, which may adopt printed glass for the telephoto lens, facilitating a more powerful zoom without compromising the thin and light design.

As we await the launch of the iPhone 16 in September 2024, expectations are high and rumors suggest exciting innovations in both design and hardware for Apple’s next flagship.

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