Russia and China blocked a resolution promoted by the United States in the Security Council on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The United Nations Security Council is meeting on 22 March 2024 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States, to consider a US-sponsored resolution for a ceasefire during the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Reuters/Mike Sager

Russia and China vetoed this Friday Resolution submitted by the United States to the United Nations Security Council for one ceasefire in gaza And this Release of people held hostage by Hamas,

The resolution calling for an “immediate and sustained ceasefire” expired. 11 votes in favor, 3 votes against (Russia, China and Algeria) and a refrain,

Despite gaining a majority, vetoes from Moscow and Beijing prevented the resolution from being approved.

The text to which the agency had access AFPNoted “the protection of civilians on all sides requires an immediate and permanent ceasefire to allow deliveries.” essential humanitarian aid, And with this in mind, still clearly supports the release of the hostages as well as international diplomatic efforts to achieve such a ceasefire.

British Ambassador to the UN Barbara Woodward and US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield vote in favor of a US-sponsored resolution calling for a ceasefire during the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas during a UN Security Council meeting . The Council at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States, March 22, 2024. Reuters/Mike Sager

“We have introduced a resolution, now in the Security Council, calling for an immediate ceasefire coupled with the release of the hostages, and we are fully hopeful that countries will support it,” the US Secretary of State announced on Wednesday. anthony blinkenfor saudi media Al Hadath During a visit to the Saudi Kingdom.

blinken arrived this friday israel at an emergency stop 6th tour of the Middle East since the war started Gaza Stripwith the intention of promoting Ceasefire agreement and entry of more humanitarian aid For the area.

The head of US diplomacy landed at the airport shortly after 10:30 local time (8:30 GMT). Tel AvivThe city where he plans to meet the Prime Minister, benjamin netanyahuand other senior officials of the Israeli government and war cabinet.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken disembarks from a plane upon arrival in Israel as he continues to press for a ceasefire between the Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel in Tel Aviv on March 22, 2024. Reuters/Evelyn Hockstein/Pool

Israel is the last stop of this new regional tour, where this time they were taken Saudi Arab already on wednesday egypt On Thursday, where he reiterated his call stop fire and gave hope for an end Normalization Agreement between the Jewish State and the Saudi Kingdom,

“The differences are narrowing and we will continue to push for agreement in Doha. There’s still hard work to be done, but I still think it’s possible,” Blinken said yesterday in Cairo with Egypt’s foreign minister. same thanksAfter meeting with his Saudi Arabian counterparts, Queue, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and the person responsible for it Palestinian Authority,

Israel sent Mossad chief to Doha again today, david barniaFor indirect interaction with hamas terrorist group for a ceasefire agreement and hostage exchange for prisoners,

(with information from EFE)

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