Samsung bets on artificial intelligence in its Galaxy S24 line

(CNN) — Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S24 flagship device aims to take messaging, photos, and gaming to the next level thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

At its annual Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday, the company unveiled its Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 smartphones, which it claims will usher in a new era of smartphone usage.

The commitment to artificial intelligence is part of smartphone makers’ efforts to differentiate themselves in a saturated market and generate interest in an area where innovation has stagnated in recent years.

The 6.8-inch Galaxy S24 Ultra ($1,299.99), which will feature a titanium casing for the first time, will be available in multiple colors, including gray, black, purple, and yellow. Other titanium colors, such as green, blue and orange, are available on The 6.2-inch Galaxy S24 ($799.99) and 6.7-inch Galaxy S24+ ($999) are available in Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellow.

Pre-orders start from Wednesday

By integrating generative AI into the device, rather than relying on the cloud, Samsung can reduce lag times and provide a better experience. The company says its new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform also takes full advantage of Generative AI and its powerful AI Engine.

“Like other manufacturers, Samsung doesn’t have much to gain by adding these features, but it is likely to lose more by excluding AI altogether,” says Jitesh Ubarani, an analyst at market research firm IDC.

The revelation comes a day after market research firm IDC released data showing that Apple overtook Samsung in smartphone shipments for the first time last quarter.

“The last time a company named Samsung was at the top of the smartphone market was in 2010, and by 2023 it will now be Apple,” the report said in a statement. “A regime change of sorts at the top of the largest consumer electronics market was driven by Apple’s unprecedented market share and rise to the top for the first time.”

An AI-packed experience

Many of Samsung’s existing features are getting a boost from AI. Its Live Translate suite of products can now translate conversations via a split-screen view while standing next to another person, providing transcription in real-time. For its part, the Samsung keyboard will translate messages in real time into 13 languages.

Samsung Notes has also been updated with predefined formats to better organize your notes. Using generative AI in the car, Android Auto will allow users to request message summaries or suggest responses through voice commands.

To make web searches more personalized, users can hold down the home button and circle or tap the screen to get more information about what they see, such as a landmark behind a social media page. , or may ask subtle questions.

Other changes have come in the camera system. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Quad Tele system, along with the new 5x optical zoom lens, works to deliver up to 10x zoom with the 50 MP sensor. Night photography features have also been improved, and AI-based editing suggestion tools can be used to make subtle touch-ups to photos, like correcting crooked shots or moving a person or object slightly to the side. Carry.

The company said that when its tools use generative AI to alter an image, a watermark will appear on the image and metadata.

race to excellence

While AI in smartphones isn’t entirely new (Google’s latest Pixel 8 line launches in October 2023 with a ton of AI features), Samsung’s scale could expose more consumers to its possibilities. After all, Google’s Pixel series is still a niche product; According to ABI Research data, its global smartphone market share remains around 1%.

However, ahead of the iPhone 16 launch in September, it is rumored that Apple may introduce new AI-powered Siri features at the launch of iOS 18. Some generative AI features on the device may be exclusive to the iPhone 16 models, partly thanks to it’s custom chips.

“Apple’s silence on all things AI speaks volumes, as many in the industry believe Apple is potentially lagging behind,” said IDC’s Ubrani. “That said, any new AI features from Samsung won’t be a main selling point.”

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