Scarlet Witch rumor update reveals when we might see the Elizabeth Olsen-led film in theaters

In wandavision, we saw Wanda Maximoff finally become the Scarlet Witch. However, her development ended on a sad note when she was forced to leave the Hex around Westview and say goodbye to both The Vision and her children, Tommy and Billy.

Until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness While wandering around, the Darkhold had corrupted the Avenger and she went on a rampage through realities in an attempt to find variants of her twin boys.

On the verge of becoming a full-fledged villain by the time all was said and done, Wanda eventually saw the error of her ways and ended up using her powers to destroy every possible copy of the Darkhold in the multiverse. Buried beneath Wundagore.

Blink and you’ll miss it The red flash suggested she might have run away, and we’ve been hearing rumors for a while that there are plans for the Scarlet Witch to have her own solo outing, with Elizabeth Olsen likely to return in a Role in the film.

Today, Scooper @MyTimeToShineH has claimed that the project is still moving forward, revealing that it will be released between either Avengers: The Kang Dynasty And avengers: secret wars Or following the latter. If it’s the second option, Marvel Studios clearly plans to keep Olsen in the role for years to come.

This is easier said than done, especially after the actress said last year, “Especially in the last four years, my output has been Marvel. I don’t want to…not that I just don’t want to be involved as this character. But I really feel like I need to create other parts.” “Requires a backup to balance.”

“I very much want to do movies right now. And I hope some of them come together the way I think they can. But yes, it’s something I need. I just need something in my life. Other characters are needed.” Olsen added. “There is no longevity in a character.”

The probability is that if Scarlet Witch The film doesn’t serve as a farewell to Olsen’s character, then as one of the next the avenger There will be movies.

For what it’s worth, he is not expected to make any appearances Agatha: Darkhold Diaries Sleep vision QuestHowever, we hear the former will at least address her current situation. Without the Darkhold, Wanda may have lost the ability to jump between realities, but given the way she ruined Earth-838’s Illuminati, it will definitely come back to haunt the fallen hero.

What would you like to see from a prospect Scarlet Witch Movies?

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