Science has the answer to why birds fly in V shape

Have you wondered how it is possible that some birds are able to fly in a V shape? There is an explanation that helps understand this behavior

Science has the answer to why birds fly in V shape
Birds fly in a V shape to reduce their aerodynamic drag. wikipedia

Species evolve over time, and those best adapted to the environment remain in the ecosystem. In cases where migration does occur, those who manage to overcome the obstacles develop the necessary tools to survive. Call it Darwin’s theory. In case of migratory birds, One of the characteristics shared by many species is a V-shaped flight technique., Have you ever stopped to think why groups have this unique way of flying? The truth is that there is a reason that explains it.

Why do birds fly in a V shape to complete the migratory cycle?

Although this is the specialty This is shared by some species of birds that do not travel thousands of kilometers. Every year, there is one element that characterizes the people who travel such distances. According to the reference for this position on Wikipedia, it is A strategic position that allows energy savings For birds, a form of evolution that also occurs in humans. This movement allows air resistance to be reduced, with the person making the tip putting the most effort into each fin stroke.

V flight formation

Wee flight is a technique perfected by evolution adopted by some species of birds. wikipedia

This element will be similar to what is found in water after the passage of a ship. The waves that form around it will be similar to the wind that is created by the movement of wings. The first position i.e. situated in the whirlpool, It is commonly distributed among different birds forming V From time to time for the purpose of distributing effort across the group. This technology has been perfected through thousands and thousands of years of development.

This curious device Energy savings during kilometer journeys It has been adapted by many types of birds. In fact, some of them are part of completely different bird families, which reinforces the theory of evolution. According to biologist Henry Weimerskirch, at the same time, attention should also be paid to how this flight solution has a direct impact on the health of the units involved in V formation.

Apparently, it has become possible to register How do birds take advantage of the V formation? When flying long distances their heart rate drops by 15% compared to flying solo. In the same way, increased planning ability Worth noting too. It is these types of elements that have inspired more and more species to choose this curious technology to improve travel efficiency.

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