seeds of field medicine in africa

seeds of field medicine in africasolidarity surgery

female casteHas fulfilled double social task since its birth. Aside, Support women’s sports; And on the other hand, solidarity. And as it happens every year, the organization that runs the newspaper Opinion In collaboration with the Department of Women, Reconciliation Policies and Senior Citizens and Sports Murcia City CouncilAnd this Directorate General of Women of the autonomous community, will distribute the next sunday 3 march of a check to any institution, which in this case will be solidarity surgeryis made up of an NGO Health workers from across the region who campaign in Africa.

It was the year 2000 when a group of health workers from the region of Murcia they worked in arixaca He took the step to form an NGO to develop projects in countries where health care is lacking. As time passed, the group expanded and currently exists specialist doctor In Pediatrics, Emergency, Internist, Neurologist, Nephrologist, Traumatologist, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Maxillofacial and Otolaryngologist, etc. there also Non-health care workers, such as translators For operations and logistics support.

Since its birth there have been several trips to different countries in Africa where they have provided health care, always in collaboration with a local NGO to facilitate the work. The last campaign was in Kenya and now they will run another campaign in Sahara. “We also have pending projects in Senegal, where we have been visiting regularly, and Kenya. There are always things to study,” explains Victor Soriano, a general surgeon who works at Rafael Méndez de Lorca and is responsible for the sporting events of Cirugia Solidaria, which also has the mission of promoting health among the population. completes.

“It started slowly and the years went by We have achieved greater expansion and development with more specifications. We have also launched dental health promotion campaigns in schools. We try to help local people gain health knowledge, although it is complicated because the concept of life is very different in the countries where we work. Conveying that value of commitment to people whose main daily motivation is to watch the sun rise and survive is sometimes difficult. In any case, one of the initiatives is Train local people in delivery training, cardiac resuscitation and basic surgery», says Doctor Soriano, who takes a little time to run every day.

Mali, Senegal, Kenya, Cameroon and Tindouf, among other geographical points in Africa, are places where Cirrugia solidaria has left its seeds. To finance these expensive campaigns, The NGO has partners and also organizes sports events., like a popular race or paddle tennis tournament. It has recently created a Consultative Advisory Council where there are some companies like La Caixa and PrimaFrio that provide financial support, as well as anonymous citizens. This year, also the women’s race, which will be held on Sunday, March 3, starting and ending on Avenida Teniente Flomesta, will provide support so that the NGO continues to name a region of Murcia, in solidarity with professionals in the medical sector. With great recognition and reputation all the way to Africa.

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