Several accidents on Fifth Avenue in Havana

A Accident At least three vehicles were involved in the incident, which occurred on Havana’s Fifth Avenue on Wednesday morning, according to a report on the social network.

The events took place at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 16th Street, located in the Special District, directly across from the Venezuelan Embassy in Cuba. Miramar,

Screenshot Facebook / Bus and Truck Accident

In photos shared in the Facebook group ‘Buses and Truck Accidents’. For more experience and less victims!’, you can see a blue Lada that was heavily impacted from behind.

In turn, it seems that the Soviet-made vehicle has influenced a small modern utility vehicle, about which it is impossible to give further details.

Cuban police officers visited the scene. At the time of writing, it is unknown whether anyone was injured in the incident.

“I passed by there a while ago, there were three cars involved, I hope no injuries,” one user said in the comments to the publication.

Facebook comment/screenshot of bus and truck accident

This famous route, lined with embassies and mansions of the diplomatic corps, has witnessed many accidents due to the high traffic that runs along it, in addition to the poor condition of vehicles in Cuba.

In October, A car overturns at the exit of the Miramar Fifth Avenue TunnelNo injuries were reported, only physical damage was caused to the vehicle.

A photo shared by the author of the social media publication shows the damage caused to the car after the accident, which was apparently caused by excessive speed.

The vehicle remained lying on the sidewalk on a well-traveled road, with windows broken and damage to the body. Blood stains on the container and broken glass indicate that the driver was injured.

In late July, a tourist rental car suffered severe front-end damage. Crashing spectacularly into a tree on Central Avenue,

Photos spread on social networks apparently show that airbag The vehicle was activated after the collision, saving the driver from further harm.

one day before, One Cuban was killed and another wounded After a collision between a Peugeot and a Polquito on Fifth Avenue.

According to the user, the accident also happened at the corner of 5th and 16th, when the Polish man was going to join Fifth Avenue and was hit by the Peugeot. Adyan Fong Vale In the above Facebook profile.

He also said that two elderly people of the Polish man, the driver and his female companion, were injured and were helped by doctors and nurses from the polyclinic located diagonally across the corner from the Venezuelan Embassy, ​​where the traffic accident occurred.

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