Sexual wellness is a growing business and these are some of the celebrities who are betting on it

This week Upeka is looking at the topic of sex from different angles and there’s a little difference between our celebrities

Sex is so widespread that it has even come to be used as a form of work as prostitution has unfortunately not been eradicated to date and is increasingly confusing young customers with misinformation. There are other ways to bet on this Sex shops, literature, games and more Which are in trend among couples and even friends.

last episode of Upeka It is based on sexual wellness, which helps to make our mind aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves in that aspect other than just looking at the diseases. Like every week, the program with Va has its own section of celebrities and their experiences and this time they have made a small compilation of profiles of people who have joined sexual health businesses and it will definitely surprise you quite a bit. . ,

Christina Aguilera

The singer, who made waves in the early 2000s, has recently established her own brand with the name Playground And sells all kinds of products like lubricants, toys and more. The main reason that inspired her to create this company was to break the taboos that exist with sex and empower women in bed.

kourtney kardashian

The older sister of the clan, like the rest of the members, also has several businesses and one of them is the Lemme brand where some of the most unique gummies are: Relief from vaginal problems and bad odor, Many doctors have never said that it is a good thing to consume it, although they have also not advised against it because a little smell is normal for intimate health.

dakota Johnson

He rose to stardom when he starred in the Fifty Shades of Gray saga and has not stopped appearing on the big screen since then. These films are based on sexual sexuality and this made him realize the importance of sex education, which is why he joined eva goicoechea To promote her Maude brand of sexual wellness products and sell them in multiple stores globally.

There is no doubt that there are thousands of sex-related products that are good or not, but they help us discover many more things about this topic. And you, have you thought about getting into the sexual wellness business?

Images | gtress, @lemme

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