Shakira becomes victim of a stalker, Pique comes to her aid!

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Shakira, who has been relieved since leaving Barcelona to live in Miami with her children, is still facing some setbacks in her new life as a divorced mother.

In fact, as Telemundo reports, the Colombian pop star and her two children Milan and Sasha are now the target of a stalker after relocating to the United States.

Arrested but released on bail, the man in question – a Texas resident named John Valtier, 56 – allegedly sent “alarming” and “disturbing” photos of Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s children as well Also sent a package which contained bottles of liquor, chocolates and toys.

Pique puts his hands in his pockets to protect Shakira and her children

An old acquaintance of Shakira’s security service and a long-time admirer of the artist, Stoker will also be in the sights of Gerard Piqué, being keen to show solidarity with his former partner and protect his children.

According to the Iberian press, the former Barça defender helped Shakira set up a 24-hour security service at the singer’s Florida home. “Pick is worried. He wants to prevent this episode from repeating,” declared Spanish journalist Alex Rodriguez. The dark side of a popstar’s life…

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to sum up

In Miami, Shakira became the victim of a fan who was a little too clingy. When the man was released on bail, Gerard Piqué, worried for his children, immediately responded and helped ensure the popstar’s safety.

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