“She did it to herself”: Jimmy Butler and Camila Cabello’s viral photos!

By Joel Putz | sports journalist

NBA players are regularly the subject of rumors about their relationships with women and no one embodies this observation better than Jimmy Butler. The Miami superstar was at the center of a major new discussion after photos showed him with singer Camila Cabello.

If there’s one player whose extra-sports relationships have captivated the web for months or even years, it’s him jimmy butler, Officially single, the Heat superstar nevertheless regularly finds herself at the center of rumors. During the time of the Orlando Bubble, he was credited with having a close relationship with journalist Rachel Nichols, with the two displaying genuine closeness during their interactions.

According to many people on the web, in the last season, the former MIP might have got in touch with the famous singer Shakira. And apparently, Bucket’s preference would be for Latin American songwriters… The recent attention paid to him by star Camila Cabello, who came to attend the Miami match by giving him a personalized jersey, ignited the ammunition. : :

Jimmy Butler sets the web on fire after his exchange with Camila Cabello

Simple conversations between friends? This is very likely, but the player’s past leads Internet users to suspect a much closer relationship between the two. So the reactions were most provocative:

He slept with her wearing the same swimsuit

he obviously did it to himself

Jimmy Butler’s relationship history reaches all-time status

After Rachel Nicholls and Shakira in recent months, now Jimmy Butler is in the news with Camila Cabello. Still, we imagine the winger cares about other things than the rumors about his love life, while the Heat remain on eight wins in ten games and the playoffs are fast approaching.

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