The Premier League could eliminate Manchester City and Chelsea. What is the reason?

Orn heavy punishment and a exemplary results They’re hanging over the headcitizens‘ And ‘blues‘ In form of sword of damocles and that’s all Manchester City As chelsea There is every reason to be concerned about the future when there is an independent investigation Premier League about the violation of financial fair play In the former case, and illegal payments to agents In the case of others.

The problem is that this issue This will not be resolved with a simple finebut the possibility of a eventual disambiguation by entity who manages professional football United Kingdom, Information released by The Sun newspaper This is what they claim and say that they are 115 allegations against financial fair play Who faced the ‘Citizens’ while Chelsea were dragged Chain of payments to illegal agents during the era when Roman Abramovich was the team owner.

The decision will come in 2025

The publication also states that commission of inquiry will take up the matter seriously End of this 2024 (October or November) and he’ll take yours determination Which could lead to the relegation of both clubs, although it is also specified that if a decision of that magnitude is taken it can be communicated until Entered in 2025 in the months of March or April.

Exemplary punishment for all?

And if it doesn’t happen will set an example as one of The biggest penalties seen in the entire history of football, Otherwise this will be a warning to many people so many clubs all over the planet who take advantage of legal loopholes or something like that They dangerously cross the line that divides the questionable but acceptable from the blatantly illegal. According to to contract And financial management.

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