Shock in Brazil: Man dies after leaning on wall after hearing gunshots from neighbor’s house

A man died when he heard gunshots from his neighbor’s house and looked outside.

One person died after being shot in the face After peeking out from the wall, he heard gunshots coming from the neighbour’s house. is about Bruno Emidio da Silva Jr.The 33-year-old, who tragically lost his life last Saturday.

The municipality was shocked by this incident malpracticeLocated in the center of the Brazilian state Parana, Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) professionals came to help them but declared dead at the scene,

According to the report given by the military police, eyewitnesses said this The victim was at a partyIn this Pirapo neighborhood, when gunshots were heard at a neighbor’s house. Soon after, Bruno went over the wall to the roof of the property to see what had happened. this was the moment The neighbor shot him in the face and fled in a red car.,

brazilian newspaper or globe he reported it The attacker has not been identified yet And that, on reaching the place shortly after 11:00 pm, Police found Bruno’s body lying on the ground While his partner – who witnessed the entire incident, as seen in broadcast images – performed cardiac massage to try to revive him.

Bruno Emidio da Silva Jr. was 33
Bruno Emidio da Silva Jr. was 33

As soon as they reached the neighborhood, Uniformed officers went to the victim’s neighbor’s houseWhere the attack began and from where gunshots were heard seconds before Bruno’s death.

At that property, police found A modified .22 caliber air rifle with a telescopic sight and a shotgunexcept for 49 intact cartridges of different capacities and Another 19 cartridges exploded,

According to the above media reports, Two .380 caliber pistol magazines were also found on top of a closet.,

The victim is on the ground and his girlfriend is trying to revive him (capture)
The victim is on the ground and his girlfriend is trying to revive him (capture)

Later, Scientific Police seized 11 other pistol cases of the same caliberIn a hallway that connects the front to the rear of the residence.

According to the military police, the unit’s police commander He contacted the person responsible for the shooting by telephone., The man told the agent that “I was close“Arranged a meeting place with the police team from the place but did not appearhe explained in detail or globe,

The civil police launched an investigation to clear up the crime. So far statements have been taken from witnesses and The suspect has not yet been located,

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