Shohei Ohtani speaks to Dodgers fans in Spanish

phenomenal baseball player los angeles dodgers, shohei ohtani He also has the talent to communicate in multiple languages.

Although the Japanese does not speak Spanish fluently, he still manages to pronounce a few words from that language. This was demonstrated with his teammate, outfielder teoscar hernandez,

Official account of the group in “X” los angeles dodgers Recently published a video shohei ohtani He is speaking in Spanish. The piece shows the Japanese star player copying a phrase that the Dominican used in a direct message to the social network.

Amidst the laughter, Hernandez addressed the other Japanese player on the blue team, yoshinobu yamamoto, so he can send greetings in Spanish. The 25-year-old right-hander also wished good morning to fans in the United States. dodgers in Spanish.

The Dodgers have a large Latino fan base and Shohei Ohtani knows

30 teams are formed mlb There is a large Latin presence on their roster. franchise of los angeles dodgers There is no exception. In addition, the group has many fans of Latin origin, especially Mexicans, due to the geographic region they represent.

To shohei ohtani He has already been seen uttering some phrases in English. Although in early 2018 the two-way player in mlb, Puerto Rican receiver Martín Maldonado said that the Japanese can communicate in Spanish using a few words. At the time, the Puerto Rican Angels team had a drummer along with a right-handed pitcher.

Ohtani He earns the love and respect of his teammates within seconds. The same thing happens in their relationship with baseball fans. not just a fan of Los Angeles Dodgers They follow standout ballplayers. With his talent, discipline and charisma, he is one of the most followed and admired athletes on the planet.

During the upcoming season of big league We’ll definitely see Shohei saying more words in Spanish. He has always shown interest in exchanging with fans and has not refused to give interviews to various media. Now in the city of Los Angeles, no matter what, your Spanish will improve, we will see in the coming months.

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