Siboldi admits Tigres ‘didn’t play a good game’ and they lost Javier

tigers Scored three points on home ground Shivaj, in a duel where the Herd played better, had more possession and had a greater number of dangerous arrivals; However, the goal was Feline For a 1-0 win.

However, not everything was good, because although the team won, it lost one of its star players, Javier Aquino; Shortly before the end of the match, Aureazules were left with one player less. Second day.

javier aquino is injured

tigers After this, the match against Chivas ended with 10 players. sieboldi The changes were finished and javier aquino At the age of 87′ he could no longer continue; He will be studied, but it is estimated that it is a sprain, for now he left the stadium keeping his knee immobile.

He indicated, “At first it is a sprain, but we have to be more precise, the study will tell us what it is.” sieboldi About his player who was overtaken by red and white reinforcements Cade Cowell.

What did Siboldi say about the match?

Sieboldi accepted it tigers didn’t play well at all and that was it Shivaj He had many arrivals without taking advantage of them, although he left out those details Fernando Gago. Meanwhile, the helmsman of uanl He stressed that he has to work on improving the team.

“We won, another important win, it is a good start against our guys who came against the weather… We have to improve in many aspects to be able to play better… It makes us happy with the win, But what he is busy improving after that is that it is just the beginning and although “we did not play a good game, we still got the result.”

Why did Cordova come out after his goal?

sebastian cordova He scored a wonderful goal, but immediately afterwards, at 62′, he was substituted to replace luis quinonessurprised by the decision of sieboldiWho gave the reason for taking this step.

“The moment he scores the goal, there was going to be this change and it wasn’t because he was playing bad, sometimes changes happen because we are looking for something else, that coordination is gone sometimes, he Started playing on the right side and then we must continue that type of coordination, Sebas is in the best position to do things well, it is a matter of coordination. The change was for Luis, we need to work on the wing. “What needed to be done and Javier understands well with him, we tried to give him width and at the time Luis was going to enter, he fell through the goal, I could not turn back.”

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