Singer Machine Gun Kelly has most of his body covered in huge black tattoos

Singer/rapper Machine Gun Kelly already had quite a few tattoos on his body, but now he’s taken it to another level.

Megan Fox’s boyfriend shows off his amazing new tattoos on Instagram.

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Created by famous tattoo artist Roux, we can see that most of his body is covered in black ink, except for a cross on his torso and stomach.

Must hurt for a while!

The artist behind this work also shared a photo of MGK, saying that she had never seen anyone suffering pain like him.

So he says goodbye to his tattoos that represent his hometown, his music, and even his girlfriend and covers them up with opaque black ink.


While her new look received mixed reviews from her fans, others praised her determination.

We don’t know yet how Megan Fox reacted to seeing her man’s body, but we may hear about it soon.

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