Single Review: “Capital Letters” by Hailee Steinfeld – the new “Fifty Shades” song

Hailee Steinfeld’s “Capital Letters” is the official new song from the movie “Fifty Shades Freed.” The singer is Hailee Steinfeld and Bloodpop produced the track.

“Capital Letters” by Hailee Steinfeld – Our Review

This song was recently released as a new single from the movie Fifty Shades. Republic Records and Universal released the song. It’s already available on Spotify and Apple Music, which means you can grab the song whenever you want. If you pre-order the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack on iTunes you will get this song as a free download. I think this is a great opportunity to order the album and get the song. So, are you going to pre-order this album today?

Hailey announced the news of the new single on social media, where she posted, “So excited for you guys to hear it”. She paired it with a photo and posted a link to stream the song.

Although many of you may be misled into thinking that this will be another lovely song from the young singer, that is not the case this time. This is a song with deep meaning. Hailey aims to convey a deeper message as she sings about discovering new aspects of life after falling in love with someone adventurous. She promises to “give it to you” in the song and you already know what that means, considering it’s a soundtrack for the Fifty Shades movie. Listen to it below.

Listen to Hailee Steinfeld singing “Capital Letters”, “Fifty Shades”

Hailee Steinfeld’s “Capital Letters” is a must-listen for fans of the “Fifty Shades” franchise and those who appreciate a well-crafted love song. With its powerful vocals, catchy tune and romantic lyrics, it will definitely become a staple of any playlist. Don’t miss this amazing track!

The Perfect Soundtrack for “Fifty Shades Freed”

It’s absolutely safe to say that this is the perfect soundtrack for “Fifty Shades Freed”. The song was released on January 12, 2018, and quickly gained popularity among fans of both the “Fifty Shades” franchise and Hailee Steinfeld’s music.

Steinfeld’s evocative vocals are the standout feature of “Capital Letters”, as she delivers each note effortlessly with precision and emotion. The lyrics of the song are beautifully crafted, capturing the passion and intensity of love between the two protagonists of the film. The powerful chorus, “I wanna be the one you remember,” will stick in listeners’ minds long after the song ends.

A lovely tune for the song “Fifty Shades”

The music video for “Capital Letters” matches the theme of the song perfectly. It highlights Steinfeld’s artistry. The video features the singer in a stunning, regal gown as she performs in front of a grand piano. The visual effects and lighting give the video an ethereal quality that perfectly captures the romantic essence of the song.

Hailee Steinfeld’s “Capital Letters” is the perfect track for fans of the “Fifty Shades” franchise and lovers of well-crafted, romantic music. In addition to its stunning vocals and visuals, “Capital Letters” also has a captivating tune that keeps listeners engaged from beginning to end. The use of a symphony orchestra in the song adds a cinematic quality to the track, making it the perfect choice for the “Fifty Shades” franchise.

“Capital Letters” by Hailee Steinfeld – Key Facts

  • Released on January 12, 2018, “Capital Letters” achieved instant popularity among “Fifty Shades” and Hailee Steinfeld fans.
  • Hailee Steinfeld’s stunning vocals and perfectly crafted lyrics make “Capital Letters” the perfect soundtrack to “Fifty Shades Freed.”
  • The music video for “Capital Letters” perfectly complements the song’s themes, showcasing Steinfeld’s artistry and adding to its otherworldly quality.
  • With its moody melody and use of a symphony orchestra, “Capital Letters” is a must-listen for fans of the “Fifty Shades” franchise and love songs.

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